Kyle Emery


I’m Kyle, and my journey into the world of hairstyling was inspired by my mom. It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels for the craft—it’s the perfect blend of fashion and art, allowing me to empower others while expressing my creativity. Every day, I get the chance to make people feel amazing about themselves, and honestly, there’s no better feeling.

What sets me apart as a hairstylist? It’s all about the connections for me. Creating meaningful relationships through the art of hair is something I cherish deeply. My approach to styling is creative, fun, and a bit unconventional, drawing inspiration from sculpting, fashion, and painting to craft truly unique looks. I believe in turning hair into a piece of art that reflects your inner self.

On a personal note, my life is filled with passions that fuel my creativity even further. My cat, Toro, is my constant companion and the love of my life. When I’m not styling hair, you might find me mastering Magic: The Gathering or delving into the realms of philosophy, exploring the deeper questions of the universe.

Working with me, you’ll quickly discover my dedication to enhancing your self-perception and relationship with your hair. I strive to understand the root of your hair loves and woes, educating you on the process and sharing personalized tips to elevate your hair care routine.

Ready to embark on a transformative hair journey? Let’s work together to create a look that you’ll love, reflecting the beautiful person you are, both inside and out.

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