Our Story

Evolve With Us.

Innovative. Personal. Cozy Salon.

Our Mission: We are committed to empowering people, through our unique brand and our ability to make others feel beautiful, to express themselves and leave our salon home feeling perfectly whole and complete.

We strive to enrich our community with love and kindness that spreads further than our walls. We love and support each other’s growth, no matter how painful. We are determined to impact our industry and live rich lives. We show up all in, as a team so we are able to educate, collaborate, give back to our community, and heal our earth. We touch hearts when we touch hair.


Urban Evolution Top 200 Salon

UES is announced a Top 200 Salon in the Country by Salon Today.


Powder Springs Opens it's Doors

Owner, Erin Jones & her family worked tirelessly to renovate a historic home located on 4279 Marietta Street. The new salon brings a cozy atmosphere with the Aveda product line.


New Owner, Erin Jones

From Hair Stylist -> Salon Owner

I am the proud owner of UES. This salon existed in a different form before I purchased it and has evolved a few times since. I guess with Evolution in the name, it was destiny.

I have worked in the salon industry since 1997. I started as an apprentice in Kenosha, WI. (I am a midwestern girl).

After a 2 year false start there (beautiful salon, no formal training), I waited tables for a few years. I landed at a small Buckhead salon in 2001.

I apprenticed and was the sole assistant to 10 stylists who had all been in the business a decade or more. I had to be super self-starting, as I didn’t have any formal training there either, but I did have a beautiful salon family willing to nurture me in every way they knew how. I stayed with that salon until I moved out of state, but returned to work there when my life brought me back to the Atlanta area. While I was out of state, I got a chance to work at some amazing team-based salons and received a lot of advanced training. 

In 2016, I started to get a little restless and thought I was ready to leave the industry. I was back at the Buckhead salon booth renting and I was mildly successful, but not as successful as I could have been if I had had someone to call me to my greatness. I started dreaming about salon ownership and fate led me to UES. I was offered the opportunity to buy the salon and jumped at the chance. 

On a more personal note, I am a mom of 2. I live in Marietta. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I love hiking, camping, and anything outdoors. I practice meditation and I am a reiki practitioner. I also coach salons around the country as a professor for PIP University. I believe that we are all capable of greatness and get my rocks off watching others succeed. You might catch me saging the salon every once in a while or talking about crystals. I love my team and this gorgeous industry that I get to be a part of.


Urban Evolution is Established

UES opens the doors to Virginia Highlands.
We are here to love & be loved (INCLUDING OURSELVES!!). We are responsible for our own energy. Create magic through grace. Life will continue to happen, how are you showing up for it?
Erin Jones