Hannah Lyons


I’m Hannah, and my journey into hairstyling started with elementary school experiments using Kool-Aid to color my hair. Since then, I’ve embraced every hue of the rainbow, always ready to step beyond traditional hair norms and switch up looks whenever the mood strikes. Art has always been my passion, and hairstyling allows me to blend creativity with the joy of making others feel incredible. I thrive on the unique stories and experiences every client brings to the chair, fostering a space for growth and learning with each new connection.

What sets me apart? My dedication to mastering diverse techniques under the guidance of professional stylists, my specialized skill in French haircutting for that effortlessly chic, lived-in look, and my unwavering commitment to perfection in every cut and color.

On a personal note, my world revolves around Zion, my energetic dog son, my lifelong love for Harry Potter (still awaiting my Hogwarts letter), and the unwavering support of friends and family who shape who I am.

When you sit in my chair, expect a blend of up-to-the-minute styling, personalized artistry, and a welcoming atmosphere where you’ll feel instantly at home. I’m all about embracing new trends, learning swiftly, and ensuring everyone leaves feeling like their best selves.

Ready for a transformation that’s as unique as you are? Let’s create some hair magic together. Follow my journey and see my latest creations on Instagram.

Get to Know Me

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Dragon fruit drink
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Cheba hut
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Going to Tokyo for a month or sipping coconut drinks in Hawaii
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Dry texture spray

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