Hair Color

Discover the art of transformation with every hair color service at Urban Evolution Salon, where our colorists specialize in balayage, vivids, highlights, blending techniques and creativity to customize the perfect shade that enhances your unique beauty and personality.



Vivid Colors

Highlights & Color Maintenance

Balayage & Lived-in Color

Balayage is a hand-painted highlighting technique that gives you a sun-kissed glow without the high-maintenance upkeep.

Think of lived-in color as the chill cousin—it keeps your hair looking effortlessly on point, weeks after you’ve left the salon.

Vivid Colors & Contrast

Vivid colors let you unleash your inner rainbow, with shades that range from subtly electrifying to full-on fantasy. It’s all about bold, eye-catching hues that express your personality.

Adding contrast brings your vibrant look to life, creating depth that makes every color pop and your style unmistakably you.


Blonding is your path to that dreamy, sun-kissed look, offering everything from cool ice to warm honey tones. It’s about finding the perfect shade of blonde to light up your features.

Add some contrast for depth, and you’ve got a dynamic, luminous vibe that’s all glow and no dull.

Red Hair Transformations

Red hair is all about fiery vibes and warm tones that range from natural auburns to intense, head-turning crimsons. It’s your ticket to a bold, passionate look that stands out.

Layering in some contrast can really make those reds sing, adding depth and dimension that catches the light—and everyone’s attention.

Hair Color

  • Partial Foil Highlights from $200

    highlights are added using foil to add dimension, brighten or lighten your color. A partial is usually a half head of foils.

  • Full Foil Highlights from $300

    a full head of highlights that are applied with foils.

  • Full Balayage from $250

    hand painted highlights applied to the full head of hair.

  • Post Color Hair Cut from $78

    book this service for a hair cut after hair color.

  • Post Color Blow Dry from $52

    book this service after a hair color if you're not wanting a hair cut but still want to feel fabulous when you leave!