Arlaina Axenroth

Salon Director

I’m Arlaina, and while I might not be the one styling your hair, I take great joy in being the first smile you see at Urban Evolution Salon. My love for organization and making booking appointments a breeze is just the start of what I bring to our salon experience. Matching you with the perfect stylist to meet all your hair needs is my special talent, and nothing excites me more than seeing your transformation and happiness.

My journey before joining the salon world was filled with grace and creativity. Spending 16 years as a ballerina taught me discipline and the beauty of expression, while my decade as a film photographer allowed me to capture moments in their purest form. These experiences now fuel my passion for interior design, where I aim to blend functionality with beauty.

When you visit us, I promise a seamless, organized, and joyful experience. I thrive on making your day better, ensuring everything is as neat as possible, and engaging in genuine conversations. Your happiness and comfort are my top priorities, and I look forward to welcoming you with a warm smile.

Ready for a hair transformation that’s perfectly you? Let’s prebook your next appointment.

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